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1. What types of Hairline do you offer?

“El-Milano Extensions” is known as a sole Human Hair Factory in Central Asia for over 18 years who distributes a wide range of natural human hair extensions and wigs all over the world. There are a variety of different hair textures, colours, and lengths in our assortment. We offer two Exclusive Hair Lines: 1) ✰ East European – Premium Quality 2)♕ Russian Hair- Royal Quality We supply many famous hair companies in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Our hair is cut off from a head, carefully washed, combed out off short hair, undyed, without nits or, and it lies in the same direction (Remy human hair). All our hair is exclusively collected in Uzbekistan and other countries of former of USSR.

2. What is the difference between East European and Eurasian hair lines?

East European HAIR – available in straight hair texture ONLY. The texture of the hair is coarser by comparison to Eurasian Natural Hair which is one of the main difference. The hair has been collected from all over  (Central Asia) and available in regular quantities. The hair is unprocessed (100% natural virgin human hair). It’s IDEALLY suitable for bleaching purposes, especially for big hair factories that would like to bleach dark hair into blond colour (#613) or any other shade. It is also widely used for hair extensions and for hair wigs and hairpieces.


Russian Hair – Classic Soft straight and Natural wavy/curly textures are available. The hair is collected from European girls from the former CIS countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and others.

Classic Soft Russian Hair in straight texture is much softer and thinner than regular Uzbekistan hair. The Caucasian population is the main market which gives preference to our Russian Natural Virgin Human Hair.
Naturally Wavy/curly Russian Hair is the rarest and the MOST EXCLUSIVE hair type within our company. Our Wavy/Curly Russian Hair has rough hair texture which perfectly blends with African American clients. Colours range from dark brown to brown and black colours. All are natural hair colours.  This natural hair texture is Highly demanded, however, available in limited quantities. Therefore, the orders are implemented by schedule.
All other features are identical within Russian Hair the same way as with our East European Hair.

3. How do I place my order in El-Milano Extensions Company?

Kindly forward us your detailed inquiry to  (info@elmilanoextensions.com, sales@elmilanoextensions.com, sales02@elmilanoextensions.com, sales03@elmilanoextensions.com, sales@06elmilanoextensions.com, sales05@elmilanoextensions.com) You can also reach us by calling to one of our phone numbers listed in “Contacts” page. Or you can PLACE AN ORDER online. Our Sales & Marketing managers will do their best to contact you in the shortest time period and process your request accordingly. We confirm the quantity, description and order availability.

4. What is the Minimum Order Quantity in El-Milano Extensions?

El-Milano Extensions Company only deals with wholesale purchases and customers. Our MOQ is no less than 5kg.

Firstly, this will greatly help you save on shipping charges since each extra kg you are ordering is becoming cheaper in price rather than you order just 1 or 2kg.

Secondly, the customs expenses and procedures for sending 1kg or 5kg or 50kg are the same and this brings lots of hassle to both us and our customers. Kindly bear this in mind.

And finally, we are the wholesale factory and since we provide very reasonable and factory prices, we kindly encourage our customers to place larger orders so that the factory can handle them in more professional and easier manner. Honestly speaking, implementing larger orders is much easier & reasonable to handle for the factory today and also convenient for customers too.

5. Can I mix my order within 5kg MOQ?

Yes, you can mix the product types, lengths and colours within your 5kg order.